How to contact by mail, email, face book or directions for visiting and picking up your puppy.

Please call to make arrangements before coming out to visit.

In this modern age you're puppy choices are no longer limited to the "oops" litter down the street.  Today you can research across multiply states any time day or night to find just the breeding and puppy to meet your needs and desires.

While the internet does have its short comings, like having to trust sight unseen, you can be confident that Michael & Linda Kelly strive to give you as full a picture as possible through pictures, emails, testimonials and phone calls of who they are and what they do at Innishfree.

If you like what you see just give them a call or email them to talk more.

The Kelly Family always enjoys getting to meet folks face-to-face and introducing you to their big family of kids, dogs and puppies. However, this is not always possible due to scheduling conflicts and the need to keep the breeding area clean so, please make arrangements before stopping by for a visit.



Michael & Linda Kelly
14697 Saddle Rd.
Piedmont, SD 57769

(605) 388-0168
Rapid City is on Mountain Standard Time - Please Plan Your Calls accordingly

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Call to arange local pick-up details and options:

(605) 388-0168

Mt. Rushmore

While you are in the area be sure to visit the many tourist attractions such as Mt. Rushmore, Bear Country, Reptile Gardens, Story Book Island and many more.

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