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History of the Labrador Retriever

Fox Red American Pointing Lab History

English Labs vs. American Labs Characteristics

Fox Red Color


Breeding Goals

Stud Services

How everyone gets the pick of the litter.

"What will my puppy look like when it grows up?"

What you can expect.

Basic Started Dog Training

Female Hunting Dogs vs. Male Hunting Dogs

"What is the cost of my new puppy?

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What should I bring to the airport when picking up my puppy?

Outdoor Life April 2004 featuring Helms Point Doctor

The Joy of Hunting with a Good Dog

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History of the Labrador Retriever

Active, Outgoing, Gentle, Intelligent and Family-friendly

The Labrador Retriever, despite his name, did not come from Labrador, but from Newfoundland. The area was populated with small water dogs, who, when bred with Newfoundlands, produced a breed referred to as the St. John's Water Dog, a prototype for the Lab of today.The breed developed and prospered with a handful of private kennels dedicated to developing and refining the perfect gundog.

In the early years the anti-yellow sentiment was strong and dogs of this color suffered. A separate breed standard was briefly drawn up to address the "problem" of yellow Labradors with houndy features, but eventually yellow dogs simply adhered to the same standard as blacks and proved the value on their own merits.

The Labrador Retriever was officially recognized by the AKC in 1917.

Kellogg Kennels, founded in 1899, has been recognized for being the first to bring Labrador Retrievers west of the Mississippi River. Mayo Kellogg, the founding father, of the American pointing lab noticed pointing traits in his South Dakota lines as early as 1946 and set out, over the next 40 years, to show that a pointing retriever is superior to a retrieving pointer.

Mayo passed away in 2003 leaving his kennel to his son Hugh who reported that 95% of his buyers asked for labs that point. Jim Helm, life long friend of Mayo Kellogg, colaberated with Mayo and continued to refine and improve the line of American style pointing red fox labs. Jim Helm really hit the mark with his Helm's Point Doctor (featured in Outdoor Life 2003) as "a prime example of the workhorse pointing retrievers that are bred for better style and greater intensity on birds".

Innishfree labrador puppies are direct descendants of the now retired Helm & Kellogg 60+year breeding program. This proud heritage hunting retrievers and family companions with a reputation for hardiness, scenting ability, good temperament, love of water, and careful retrievers continues on in Michael and Linda Kelly's proven breeding program. And, just like Larry Mueller of Outdoor Life you too will find everything you hope for in an Innishfree Pointing Lab.

English Labs vs. American Labs Characteristics

There are two distinct styles of Labradors; English which has a more compact, stocky body and square head and are more generally seen in the show ring for conformation and American which is longer legged and leaner bodied and are more generally seen working in the field as hunting retrievers. Both of these styles are members of the same breed and are not distinguished in any way by the AKC. Innishfree Pointing Labrador Retrievers display the American Lab characteristics.

The American Style Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium - sized, short - coupled, dog with a longer learner body that possess a sound, athletic, well - balanced conformation that enables it to function as a retrieving gun dog; the soundness to hunt waterfowl or upland game for long hours under difficult conditions; the character and quality to win in the show ring; and the temperament to be a family companion (kind, outgoing, gentle ways) suitable for a variety of pursuits beyond the hunting environment.

Fox Red Yellow Labrador Color

There are three acceptable colors in Labradors; black, brown, and yellow. Yellow labs can range in shade from white or cream to dark yellow or Fox red. Innishfree fox red labradors are registered as yellow dogs with the AKC.


Basic obedience training is an essential part of responsible dog ownership.


Foxy red lab queen.Foxy red lab queen.Foxy red lab queen.

Innishfree specializes in American Style field lab puppies
that are yellow in color with the very popular fox-red shade.

Breeding Goals

Innishfree dogs are the culmination of several decades of work and dedication towards the goal of producing tried and true field hunting gun dogs as well as good family companions.  These dogs are breed to be strong smooth gaited runners in fact Helm's Point Doctor is known for his ability to trot faster then most hunting labs can gallop. This comes from breeding to produce long legs for increased endurance and ability to get through thick cover in the field.  Innishfree dogs have been tested at above average intelligence.  They maintain that sweet loving disposition that continues to make Labradors the most popular dog breed around.  Natural pointers who also have the RARE "Fox Red" yellow color variation that is very unique and distinctive.  These are the dogs for those that want something unique and special in their next dog. Strong hunting drive, bird sense, style, smooth gait, endurance in the field, sweet loving disposition, and a natural point are the goals Innishfree Puppies has for their litters of pups.


Stud Services


Basic Started Puppy Training

We work on basic obedience with the pups starting at about 6 weeks. We shoot around them every few days, take them to the lake (weather permitting), around live birds (if possible), dead turkey and pheasant wings. crate training, kennel training, and have the pups in the car (trips to the lake, vet, nursing home), in the home (to work on house training - but not finished) and have them for visits with the staff and residents at our local nursing home. As they grow the pups start playing in the yard and going on daily walks on and off lead in the hills behind our home. They learn to come when called (voice and whistle), to sit (especially if we have a treat to give them) and to walk on a leash. We get them out and about as much as possible to expose them to lots of different social circumstances to ease the adjustments to life in your home. During these outings we have gotten lots of positive feedback about how good the pups look, how well behaved they are, and how they look like they are going to be great hunters.


How everyone gets the pick of the litter.

Your deposit guarantees that the folks at Innishfree will find a special puppy just for you. How this works is after talking extensively with you on the phone or in person to determine that you can provide a suitable home. A puppy will be matched from an available litter that best meets your expectations and desires. This insures that everyone gets the "PICK OF THE LITTER" because, the best pup is picked out of the litter that best matches your needs and desires!


"What will my lab pup be like when it grows up?"

Good question: To the left you can see Diana "Goddess of the Hunt" daughter to Libby x Point Doctor (2005 Christmas litter) and Sasha at 4 weeks of age all cute and cuddly. And, below you can see Diana at 7 months of age. She is an absolutely gorgeous young red fox lab with a dark nose! She is also 60+ pounds of power and intensity! Always ready, as you can see, and eager to get up to the hills with her new English Setter buddy Sue in search of birds. But, when the work is done and she comes in the house she is as sweet and easy going as she was at 4 weeks.


Got a bird later that day and it was simply beautiful to watch them work! 06/26/06

Linda with Diana and Sue in the beautiful Black Hills of
South Dakota. 06/26/06


Sometimes it's hard to tell who's mom & who's daughter.

Below are pictures of Diana (with solid green collar) and her daughter Kelsey (Fall 2011 Litter) with green & blue collar enjoying an afternoon game of tennis. 

Diana red lab puppies 4 sale.Diana red lab puppies 4 sale.Diana red lab puppies 4 sale.

Diana red lab puppies 4 sale.


Female Hunting Dogs vs Male Hunting Dogs

So you want to get a dog but which is better a male or a female?

Females tend to be better pets if they do not experience oestrus every six-to-nine months. Heat cycles, in addition to being messy, bring hormonal changes that can lead to personality changes. A high needs female is just what you don't need during your next BIG weekend hunting trip! You will have the additional expenses, responsibilities and risks of delivering and raising a healthy litter. And, finding quality homes for puppies is not as easy as you may think!

All these potential problems can be avoided by spaying your female dog or better yet getting a male dog and neutering him. The truth is that male dogs are usually better pets if they are neutered. They have less desire to roam, to mark territory (including furniture), or to exert dominance over family members, and spayed or neutered dogs tend to have fewer health problems.

"If your goal is a good hunting companion that is always ready to go to the field then your best bet could be a male dog that has been neutered."

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What you can expect?

Innishfree Pointing Labrador Retriever red-fox puppies are born and raised inside the home of Michael and Linda Kelly of Rapid City, SD. They are provided a safe and clean environment where they are watched carefully and receive lots of human as well as other dog contact. Before going home at eight weeks each puppy will receive age appropiate de-worming and 5/1 vacinations. Before flying puppies will see a certified and licensed veterinarian for a USDA health certificate. FYI: puppies DO NOT have their dewclaws removed). Each buyer will receive a copy of all health records in the packet of information that goes home.

During their stay at Innishfree all puppy's will receive gun & bird conditioning, water conditioning, car and crate conditioning, extensive socialization, as well as temperament testing & evaluation. After completion the Kelly's will help you pick the best AKC Labrador Retriever red-fox puppy for you based on your needs and desires. Puppies are ready to go to your home at 8 weeks.

Puppies go home with a variety of goodies included in the HomePac to help make the transition to your home as easy as possible.

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Buy a puppy $2,450 delivered to nearest airport or $2,076.65 for local pick up.

See complete price, health and guarantee information here.

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Most Innishfree puppies fly to thier new homes. All flight information will be confirmed with families before flying. Puppies must be paid in full before leaving.

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Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life April 2004 "America's own versatile hunting breed." featuring Helms Point Doctor by Larry Mueller

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The Joy of Hunting with a Good Dog by Tony Dean

Article by Tony Dean from the Dakota Country magazine about hunting with Pointing Labs.

"Today, she has matured (5 years old now) has calmed down a lot and developed into one of the best bird dogs I've ever seen.  I hunted last fall with US Sen. Tim Johnson on a hunt he holds every fall. She was really in a zone that day, pointing more than 50 pheasants, and retrieving more than that. One Washington, DC lobbyist offered me $10,000 in cash for her that day. I said she wasn't for sale, and he thought I was holding out for more money. So, he upped the ante another 3 thousand bucks. So I told him, Dee isn't for sale, at any price, ever."

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