In Honor of Jim Helm


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Our Friend & Mentor Jim Helm

Master Gun Dog Trainer & Good Friend

In Loving Memory of Jimmy Dale Helm

10/01/45 - 08/28/11



Master Pro-Trainer Jim Helm


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On Sunday, August 28th 2011, the founder and driving force of JimSaNik Pointing Dogs, Jim Helm, passed away in Grand Island, NE after a long and brave battle with cancer. 

Although his family and the innumerable friends that he left behind will always treasure their memories of him and his time here, those who will not get the privilege to meet Jim will be able to know him in spirit as it lives on in the dogs that we continue to produce as a tribute to Jim and the legacy that he, Sandy and Nik built over the years with JimSaNik Pointing Dogs.

It is with great sadness that I share the news that my wonderful friend and mentor Jim Helm (owner of Point Doctor "Doc" & Signature Point Doctor "Buck") 1945 - 2011 passed away on Aug 28th after losing his battle with cancer. The last time we spoke with Jim (about 3 weeks ago) he told us that he loved us and that he would be watching over the Kelly family. Well all I can say is you better be Jim because we are all counting on it!

Thanks Jim for all the stories you shared that taught us so much about life, dogs, training, business, NE weather and flying by the seat of our pants! ; )  You will be greatly missed.

Linda Kelly

September 06, 2011

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Out in the beautiful countryside of Nebraska with Jim Helm and Point Doctor

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Innishfree Labs was proud to recommend Pointing Labrador Retriever Master Pro-Trainer Jim Helm "JimSaNik" for any of your hunting dog training needs for many years.

Jim was located about eight miles northwest of Ord Nebraska where along with his wife Sandra, and her son, Nick they raised and trained bird dogs. Training dogs for other people was their main business. A dog that Jim started pointed and would have gone through his command-retrieve training. Nick played an integral part in the training process and they attribute their modest success to the fact that they won't sell anything they wouldn't keep.

Jim was well respected for his innovative training techniques that turned out happier and faster trained dogs. One is the Helm Hole, a new training approach for an on-the-level command retrieve that also utilizes a variation of the "nerve hitch".

Jim came from Kentucky and had a life long love of dogs. He worked hard on his ability to train them for over 40 years - 30 of them professionally. He was well known as one of the best hunting dog trainers in the country. Jim wore many other hats in his lifetime, from helicopter pilot in Viet Nam, to chef, to newspaperman. He also was a recovering alcoholic for over 17 years and was a significant influence in his life and work.

People from all over the United States brought their dogs to the Jim and now Nick to train. Nancy Lopez, Ray Knight, Larry Mueller and Don Marshall of Sun Source Corporation are just a few of the well-known people to visit the Helms in Ord, NE. Magazines such as Outdoor Life, Quail Unlimited, Dove Hunters Magazine and The Pointing Dog Journal have featured articles about the Helm's training facility and their remarkable dogs.

The folks at Innisfree join the many others that have found Jim, Sandy and Nik to be an invaluable resources for all of their training and pointing labrador needs and believe that you will too.

JimSaNik Kennels two hours past the "Middle of Nowhere"!



Update: Due to health concerns we have been informed that Nik & Sandy have decided to scale back the remaining JimSaNik kennel breeding and training operations. We wish Nick and Sandy all the best with their future activities as we believe their vast experience and knowledge is still needed in the dog world. 10/26/2014

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