From Heaven Above "Kelsey" of Signature Helm

AKC (Fox Red) Labrador Pedigree

Kelsey at work in the garden with Lothaio in the Black Hills.

Photo taken June 16, 2014

Photos Taken - July 7, 2013

Grandaughter of the famous Helm's Point Doctor, PT. Kelsey is often found enjoying her training time with the kids at 4-H club, working in the Black Hills behind our home, or swiming at the lake. She is our loyal and loving family companion and admirred by all!

"Kelsey" weighs 62 pounds and 23 inches at the withers meeting breed standards.

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Kelsey AKC Pedigree

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Pictures taken July 07, 2013

Kelsey foxred lab puppy.Kelsey foxred lab puppy.Kelsey foxred lab puppy.

"Fun loving dog eager to please and with her mother's sweet nature!"

Picture taken October 29, 2013

Kelsey foxred lab puppy.

Kelsey and Lothario are winners at the BHDTC AKC Dog Show.

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