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"Musashi" was the most renowned Japanese swordsman who ever lived.

Musashi becomes famous during the course of the novel (written between 1935 and 1939) as he searches for both perfection in swordsmanship and in consciousness. Innovating Japanese swordsmanship, he invents the style of simultaneously wielding both the katana and the wakizashi, something unheard of at that time in Japanese history.

Goofy • Bold • Smart • Eager • Playful • Friendly


"A FUN little boy that absolutely loves to spin and entertain!

As of (12/07/2020) Musashi weighs 8 pounds and is 8 inches at the withers.


Japanese Chins are small, dainty dogs whose behavior is often catlike.

Japanese Chins were native to China and used to warm the laps of Chinese nobles. They were given to Japan as a gift, and Japanese nobility (see the coverage of the Kelly's being honored by the Emperior of Japan in 1991) coveted the dogs.

Depictions of the breed date back centuries. They can be found on ancient tapestries and pottery. The first Japanese Chins to arrive in England were a pair of dogs gifted to Queen Victoria in 1853. During World War I, it was difficult to sustain the breed because imports from Japan were suspended.

Dogs were eventually brought over from Europe to start the American breeding program. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1888.



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