Outdoor Life Article featuring Helms Point Doctor Dated April 2004

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Larry Mueller, a good friend of Mayo Kellogg, was instrumental in introducing pointing labs to the public when he wrote about them in 1988 and again in 2004. In recognition of his efforts Mayo Kellogg added Larry's name to his pedigrees of pointing Labs. In his article about hunting dogs in the April 2004 edition of Outdoor Life Larry does a fantastic job sharing with the novice as well as the experienced hunter the many advantages of this versatile hunting breed.

You can really see that Larry understands what the hunter is seeking, "If it’s a versatile pup you covet this spring, how about one that’s superior at doing what hunters need most and do poorest for themselves? Face it: We can stumble onto game occasionally, but our eyes are such terrible substitutes for decent noses that we’re lucky to find downed birds on bare bean fields. The very best versatile dog needs to be a retriever first and foremost. Add pointing instincts to that retriever and you have a real workhorse—the pointing Lab."

Larry goes on to explain, "High tails make dogs easier to see in cover, but mostly they allow us to better read dogs’ minds. Hanging tails provide little clue to intensity; straight-up tails say, “I got ’em.” If a naturally high-tailed dog lowers his tail, he’s signaling uncertainty. If the tip drops lower than the balance of the tail, he’s convinced things aren’t as he hoped."

Larry found just the right pup for his hunting trips, "The intensity of high tails makes hunting so much more exciting for me that I waited a long time for a pup out of just the right litter and related to Ord, Neb., breeder Jim Helm’s fox-red high-tailed Point Doctor (see photo below). It was a good plan. I got everything I had hoped for in a pointing Lab, including the readable tail."

Larry got everything he hoped for in his red lab dog and now YOU can too!

red fox pointing lab

Pointing Labs

Read the complete article on Pointing Labs by Larry Mueller
Outdoor Life April 2004.

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Helm's Point Doctor
Innishfree Fox Red Lab Puppies

As the story was told to Linda Kelly of Innishfree, Jim was out working his dog's for the benifit of some big shot from out East and after watching "Doc" strut his stuff the fellow offered Jim a whopping $80,000 for the dog.  Jim reached down as Doc brought back yet another bird and delivered it to hand and then looked up into Jim's eyes as if to say "What's next".  Jim just seighed and told the fellow he's worth a lot more then that to me.

Point Doctor had it all! Great nose, strong natural point and possibly the most intelligent dog Jim I've ever owned. Doc is the grandson of Helm's Point Doctor Pt (2004 Outdoor Life cover dog). He was bred into the famous Kellogg line of pointing labs to produce the "signature series" of pointing labs (ie. labs with stylish high heads and stylish high tails).

"Point Doctor is a prime example of the workhorse pointing retrievers that are bred for better style and greater intensity on birds."

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