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KiKu and Musashi


Musashi (left - sire) and KiKu (right - dam) have been bred.


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KiKu as a young puppy!


Japanese Chins are dainty dogs with an average height of 8-11 inches, weight of 4-15 pounds, life expectancy of 10-15 years and whose behavior is often refereed to as catlike.

Alert, playful and affectionate they are devoted to their families. Japanese Chins were native to China and used to warm the laps of Chinese nobles. They were given to Japan as a gift, and Japanese nobility coveted the dogs.

The folks of Innishfree (Kelly Family) became interested in these dogs after spending several years in Japan teaching English as a second language. The Kelly's appreciated the history and cultural of the country; realizing the love of dogs was an international language. They wrote a letter of appreciation to his Majesty the Emperor of Japan in hopes of bringing the two countries (and it's people) closer together and was honored with a reply of gratitude for our efforts which also resulted in recognition by TV, News Papers and their version of "Good Morning America".


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