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Is shipping my puppy safe and other questions?

“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good,
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It's only natural to worry about the travel arrangemnts for your puppy. After all haven't we all seen movies or heard stories about pets getting lost while traveling. While this can happen it is very rare and we should remember that every day, thousands of pets fly without incident or concern we just never hear these good stories. 

Some folks like the idea of being able to see and talk to their puppy throughout the flight so they consider flying with their puppy.  We believe this is unwise since the noises, the smells and the energy of the cabin may be overwhelming for a young puppy.  And, it would be against airling safety codes for you to take your puppy out of its kennel to offer comfort. This may cause even more discomfort for both you, your puppy and the other passangers sitting around you i.e. listening to a puppy that may whine for extended periods.

Airlines continue to make pet travel easier and safer by maintaining high standards for their cargo hold procedures. The cargo area is pressurized and temperature-controlled, which provides a comfortable experience for your high-flying puppy.  Lights are dimmed and most puppies take advantage of the travel time to rest up so they will be at their best when they meet you at the airport.



Leni Going HomeLeni Going Home

"GOING HOME" - at 8 Weeks.

All pups are shipped out of Rapid City (RAP) on Delta Airlines. Most pups make connecting flights in Minneapolis (MSP) or Salt Lake City. Your puppy will have a health check (required by the airlines) by a certified veterinarian a few days before departure. Puppies are NOT shiped C.O.D. because the Kelly family wants you focused on receiving your puppy not paying the freight bill. Your puppy will travel in an air-pressurized, temperature controlled cargo bay. They are the last ones loaded on the plane, being boarded just before take-off, and the first ones off the planes to reduce the stress of travel.

We know that everyone has heard the occasional story about the dog that gets lost or worse during transit. In reality these unfortunate events are rare! It has been our experience that the folks at the airline are true professionals that go the extra mile in making sure your new puppy gets to you as quickly and safely as possible. We've been told that here in Rapid City the pilots often come back and check on the pups before the flight.

Summer Temperature Restrictions

Must not be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any point on the itinerary (origin, transfer or final destination).

Summer Pet Embargo

Period: June 1-September 15

Arkansas/ Arizona/ Florida/ Louisiana/ Mississippi/

Nevada (LAS only)/ Texas

Note all cities in state are embargoed unless otherwise specified.

Winter Temperature Restrictions

Must not be below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

If below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the animal must be accompanied by a certificate/form/statement signed by the veterinarian stating the animal is acclimated to such temperatures.

If below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the animal will not be accepted even with a statement of temperature acclimation signed by the veterinarian.

* This information is subject to change by the airlines.

Ground Crew Security Check

Notice the care and professionalism of the ground crew as they prepare to
carry out this pups pre-flight security check.

red lab puppies and babyred lab puppies and babyred lab puppies and baby

Helpful Air Travel Facts & Tips

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CRATE: Puppies are shipped in a airline safe dog kennel.  Your puppy has been given an opportunity to get acclimated to spending the night in his / her crate so they see it as a safe and comfortable place (a den in other words) to relax and rest for the trip to you.  Your puppy should be placed in the crate during times that you are not available to keep them out of puppy mischief!

WALKING: Your puppy is walked just prior to departure.

WATER: Your puppy is shipped with frozen water to insure water is not spilled while setteling your puppy on board the plane (see above).

HOME PAC: Your puppy is sent by mail a variety of items (that may vary from litter to litter) to help make his transition to your home as easy as possible for everyone as well as additional items possibly being shiped by mail. 

read more about the complete Home Pac list here...

What to bring with you to the airport.

read more about your puppies health gurantee, contract, and costs here...



Pet Flight - Airline travel information for your pet.

Pet Travel - Worldwide Travel Guide for pet owners.


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