Green Started Pointing Labrador Dogs
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"Sorry, there are currently NO started dogs available!"

"The Kelly's work with the green started red lab pups in many different training situations to raise healthy dogs with great temperaments that have excellent manners both in the house and the field."

GOALS: Puppies work on basic obedience skills and a huge variety of social skills that will help them be the best dogs possible. Price of "Green" started dogs can be seen here and is in effect for dogs over 10 weeks of age.

Both in your home and in the field you can expect good things from these dogs!

Kennel and Crate Goals - A dog that easily goes into a kennel or crate on command and sill be quiet and comfortable during this time.

House breaking Goals - A dog lets you know when it needs to go outside.

Leash Training Goals - A dog that is comfortable on a leash and will heal on left without pulling or tugging.

Come Obedience Goals - A dog who will come to voice, hand and whistle commands.

Sit Obedience Goals - A dog who will sit on voice and hand signal commands.

Guns - A hunting dog is not a hunting dog if he doesn't love the sound of a gun so, we do lots of gun acclimation.

Birds - Exposure to birds (live if possible) that results in a birdie dog with energy and enthusiasm who is eager to hunt!

Social Skills - Puppies get taken out as much as possible to expose them to lots of different people, places, things and social circumstances to ease the adjustments to life in your home. Therapy visits with the residents at the local nursing home.Car rides, trips to the lake, exposure to vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, bikes, skate boards. Visits to local attractions like Reptile Gardens, Independence Hall - Musket Shooting, parks with kids, 4H classes and events, to ease the adjustment to any possible activities in your home. Puppy classes to learn basic obedience skills and enjoy platime with other puppies and dogs.

During these social outings we have gotten lots of positive feedback about how good the pups look, how well behaved they are, and how they look like they are going to be great hunters and family dogs.

Past Started Labrador Puppies / Dogs

Bird & Loose Leash Training

Point King or "King"

March 2006

Risky Red Raider or "Red" 

March 2006


Spring Time in South Dakota!

Learning to Come!



Sweet Puppy Kisses!

Training for both coming to voice and whistle!

Look at these young puppies point!!

High tail style!



A boys best friend!

These majestic red fox pointing labs our real champs both on the field or next to you on the couch!  These go getters have lots of drive and enthusiasm, with a great noise for birds, but still possessing that sweet natured lab temperaments, and classy style. Any of our started labrador pups with the right "finishing" training would be a real gem to join you and your friends on future hunting expeditions.

"Red"red labrador

red labrador

mudpuppiesmudpuppiesred labrador

Photos from 2006

Sorry, there are currently NO started dogs available!


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