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Innishfree Red Fox Pointing Labrador Puppies / Red Lab Pups that are for sale are real multipurpose dogs.  In the field, in the home, bed bug sniffing, providing services to the disabled are all areas that this line of red lab puppies have worked in successfully.

Michael and Linda Kelly believe strongley in building a strong relationship between you and your dog and the fastest way to bring this about is to inroll your puppy in a good quality puppy / dog class as soon as possible. If you are unable to find something local; Linda Kelly is a certified dog trainer and AKC CGC & STAR Puppy Evaluator who provides professional Dog Training Services in person and by phone consultations.


Service animals are defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

DAD - Diabetic Alert DogDAD - Diabetic Alert Dog

Kira - Diabetic Alert Service Dog - DAD in training at 5 months.

Local service dog training is provided by Linda Kelly certified dog trainer through Crazy - Critters Compassionate Canine at the Rushmore Mall equiping you with the information and assistance you need to train your own Service Dog in skills that can change your life.  If you already have a dog that you have bonded with then we may be able to help you train your current friend in the skills necessary to serve you or we can assist you in finding the perfect dog for your specific needs.

Contact today Linda Kelly at (605) 342-8644 to get the process started.

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Class
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

Local dog training classes are currently being offered for puppies to adult dogs in basic obedience as well as AKC's Canine Good Citizen CGC and S.T.A.R. Puppy at the Rushmore Mall in Rapid City, SD.

CGC Dog Training ClassesCGC Dog Training Classes

Linda Kelly is an approved AKC CGC / STAR Puppy Evaluator.

Behavior Counseling

Most common destructive dog behaviors such as barking, digging up the yard, pulling on the leash, stealing food off the counter, etc. can be easily modified by understanding your dogs need for a proper exercise program and positive reinforcement during training.

Foxy Red Fox Labrador  Foxy Red Fox Labrador 

Treadmills are a wonderful tool to help focus your dogs
attention on non-destructive activities.

Foxy Red Fox Labrador


Crazy Critters - Compassionate Canine • Rushmore Mall, Rapid City, SD

Contact today(605) 342-8644 to get the process started.

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